Last modified at 11/2/2013 11:53 AM by Koen Zomers
The Siemens Gigaset N300A IP (user manual) is truly a materpiece of engineering. A small DECT base station which allows up to 6 DECt handsets to be registered, each with their own unique VOIP registration and up to 3 simultaneous calls. The nice thing about it too is that pretty much all Siemens Gigaset handsets are able to connect to it. Even your older PSTN Siemens Gigaset handsets you can now turn into true VOIP handsets. I have for example successfully connected my Siemens Gigaset C450 handsets to this base station without any hassle. Only downside with this model is that the handsfree calling option on the handset only works if you pick up the call using the handsfree button. It's not possible to swap between handsfree and non handsfree during a call. Weird limitation.

Power consumption wise the N300A IP is also unique as shown on the electricity measured from it over a period of several weeks. It's constant at 1.3 watts power usage and even when placing a phone call through it, it doesn't use more than 2 watts only!

It is also possible to use the Siemens Gigaset N300A IP to connect to a 3CX PBX instance. This article will describe how to do that. This article assumes you have already connected your N300A to your network and have the basics set up and configured.
  1. Connect to the webinterface of the N300A IP by entering its IP adres in your webbrowser
  2. Log in using the PIN you have configured on your N300AIP (default PIN is 0000)

  3. Once logged in, click on the Settings tab at the top

  4. At the left, click on Telephony

  5. At the right you'll see an overview of the 6 VOIP registrations you have available on the N300A IP. Click on the Edit button right of the registration you want to use to connect to your 3CX PBX.

  6. Enter the information in the fields as shown below. Note the Personal Provider Data section. The Authentication name field must correspond with the ID field of the 3CX Authentication section, the Authentication password field must match the Password field of the 3CX Authentication section and the Username field must match the Extension Number field of the 3CX User Information section.

    The extension as registered in 3CX:

    The extension to be registered in the Siemens Gigaset N300A IP settings:
  7. Click Set at the bottom once done to save the new settings
  8. Don't let the Status"/ field fool you once you return to the overview of connections. It pretty much always fails the first time.


    Just wait a few seconds, press F5 to reload the page and it should show that the registration succeeded.


    If is still shows registration failed after a minute and refreshing the website, check your settings and the 3CX Server Activity Log to see what's wrong.
  9. You can now click on Number Assignment in he left menu to configure which of your DECT handset(s) should use this new 3CX registration for inbound and/or outbound calls.