Last modified at 3/15/2014 11:46 AM by Koen Zomers

You might encounter that you only have limited rights on a SharePoint 2010 sitecollection even though you're the sitecollection administrator or have full control rights configured on the webapplication. This especially may occur after restoring a sitecollection using the PowerShell command restore-spsite. You will notice that once logged on, your site actions menu only has limited options:

When checking the Site Permissions, you will notice that you only have limited options and no option to expand your rights:

Furthermore, when checking your rights via the Check Permissions ribbon option, you will notice a lot of denies assigned to your account:


What happened is that the SiteCollection got in a locked state. In my case this happened because of backing up a SiteCollection via PowerShell and restoring it again to a new farm. Luckily it's easy to unlock the SiteCollection, of course if you know how to. Follow the steps below to unlock a SiteCollection:

  1. Open up Central Administration on your SharePoint 2010 farm
  2. Go to Application Management

  3. Under Site Collections click on the link Configure quotas and locks

  4. Select the SiteCollection which is experiencing the problem at Site Collection and check the current status at Site Lock Information.

  5. Change it back to Not locked and click OK at the bottom. No application pool recycle or IISreset is necessary, you should now have full rights again on your SiteCollection.