Last modified at 11/2/2013 11:35 AM by Koen Zomers
​​It's easy to flash a DreamBox 500C clone device with a new firmware. There are a couple of things you'll need in order to do this:
  • DreamUp tool to perform the flash operation - download here (v1.3.3.9, 898 KB)
  • An image suitable for a DreamBox500C clone, for example Gemini (v4.70, 5,1 MB) or OpenPLI
  • A null modem serial cable, available for purchase pretty much in every electonics store. Dutch visitors, I can recommend Electronica Online where's its available for just 1,30 euro incl. taxes, excl. shipping. Do first check if you still have a PC with a serial COM port​. Most modern laptops and desktop PCs don't have this anymore. In that case, next to the null modem cable, you'll also need an USB COM port (i.e. Sweex CD005).

Once you have all you need, follow the steps below to flash your DreamBox:

  1. Connect your null modem serial cable to your PC at one end and to the serial port of your Dreambox on the other end

  2. Start up DreamUp

  3. Make sure the right serial port is selected. Usually you don't have many options there. If you do have multiple options and you're not sure which is the right one, just try one and if it doesn't connect, try another one.

  4. Click Connect.

  5. Now plug in the power of your Dreambox. If you already had it connected to electricity, plug it out, wait a couple of seconds and plug it in again. DreamUp should now detect your DreamBox and should automatically upload the flash loader. If it doesn't show anything after at most 10 seconds after plugging in the power, disconnect and try another serial port setting in DreamUp. If none of the available options works, check to make sure you're using a null modem cable and not a straight serial cable. If you're using an USB serial port, check to make sure the drivers for it are installed properly.

  6. Once its done uploading the flash loader, which typically shouldn't take more than a minute to complete, click the Flash Erase button to clear the current flash. Make sure you have created a backup of the files you want to keep, because this will completely wipe everything of your Dreambox (i.e. CCcam config file, cables.xml, etc).

  7. Once the erasing has completed, click the Flash button and select the image you want to flash your Dreambox with. The uploading and flashing typically takes about 10 minutes to complete. Times may vary based on your serial connection speed.

  8. Once done, it should display the flash-copy succeeded message as shown below. 

  9. Now click Disconnect and close DreamUp.

  10. You're now ready to use your newly flashed DreamBox. Enjoy!
    The default username/password for the Dreambox is:Username: rootPassword: dreambox