Last modified at 12/30/2013 4:01 PM by Koen Zomers

You can provide CCcam with a mapping file between the channel IDs like 0604:000000:00dd and the channel name belonging to the ID, TV 538 in this case. This will show the channel names on the CCcam info pages website so you can see exactly what is being watched.

In order to do this, first create a mappings file. The following sample lists the channels and their corresponding names being used on the Ziggo network in The Netherlands:

Sample ChannelInfo file (last updated on 30th of December 2013 - changelog)

The format of the file is very easy. Per line list the full channel ID, provide a space and enter the channel name between quotes. That's it.

Upload this file using FTP to the following location on your DreamBox:

For a DreamBox 500 C: /var/etc/CCcam.channelinfo
For a DreamBox 800 C: /etc/CCcam.channelinfo