Last modified at 5/7/2014 6:43 PM by Koen Zomers

Since version 3.0.8 of the TeamSpeak 3 client (see release notes) there's support for DNS Service records in order for the client to be able to locate your TeamSpeak 3 server. This howto explains how to create the DNS Service records in Windows DNS Server for TeamSpeak 3.

  1. Open DNS Manager on your Windows server and navigate to the domain under which you want to add the TeamSpeak 3 service locator record


  2. Right click on the domain you want to add your service record to and choose Other New Records...


  3. Scroll down to Service Location (SRV), click on it, and click on Create Record...


  4. In the New Recource Record screen, enter the values as shown on the screenshot below. Replace the Host offering this service field with the DNS name or IP address at which your TeamSpeak 3 server can be reached. If you are not running TeamSpeak 3 on its default 9987 port, change the Port number field to the correct value as well.


  5. Notice how a subdomain _udp now exists under your domain and in it, the new Service Location record has been created.


  6. When opening the TeamSpeak client now, you can simply enter your domain name under which you created the service record and the TeamSpeak 3 client will automatically be able to discover your TeamSpeak 3 server on the correct host using the correct port number.