Last modified at 5/7/2014 6:19 PM by Koen Zomers

After having moved some partitions around and creating VHDs to natively boot on with my laptop, I encountered the problem where I had to enter my BitLocker key each time Windows would boot. Very irritating. Luckily this is easy to fix. Follow these steps:

  1. Boot the Windows OS which is asking for your BitLocker key at bootup
  2. Enter the BitLocker key at boot time when asked for it
  3. Once in Windows go to Start -> Configuration Panel -> System and Security -> BitLocker Drive Encryption

  4. Click on the link stating Suspend Protection next to the boot disk

  5. A warning box will pop up. Click Yes to continue.

  6. Click on the link stating Resume Protection next to the boot disk

  7. Reboot and it should no longer ask for the BitLocker key


Thanks to the guys in the Technet forums for providing these pointers!