Last modified at 11/2/2013 11:44 AM by Koen Zomers
Note: pfSense 2.1 does now have official support for IPv6 included so the below steps are no longer required and are just being kept for reference, download the lastest pfSense with IPv6 support here.

Although IPv6 officially is not supported by pfSense 2.0 yet, there is a lot of development work going on to support it in a future relase. It is possible to update your existing pfSense server to include these being developed changes so you will have access to full IPv6 support in pfSense.

Follow these steps to upgrade your pfSense 2.0 RC1 installation with IPv6 support:
  1. Connect to your pfSense server so you will see its console
  2. Choose option 12: pfSense Developer Shell in the menu
  3. You will be presented the pfSense shell

  4. Type: playback gitsync
    And press enter
  5. It will now start to download and install the gitsync components. Wait for it to be done.

  6. After it shows the Done. mark, it may take another few minutes before it continues. This is perfectly fine and nothing to worry about. Just be patient.
  7. Once its really done, you will be presented a command line again. Enter the path to the IPv6 gitsync location:


    And press Enter

  8. You might receive a notification that the location was not found and a question asking if it is a custom GIT URL. If so, answer by pressing Y and hit Enter.

  9. Next you will be asked which branch you want to checkout. Press enter to accept the default master.

  10. You will return at the > prompt. Press enter to continue the installation (disregard the old no longer correct urls on the screenshot below).


  11. After a while it will be done and you will return to the console menu. Your pfSense installation is now upgraded with IPv6 support.