Last modified at 11/2/2013 11:47 AM by Koen Zomers

The SuperMicro X7SPA-HF-D525 motherboard has built-in KVMoverIP support. It shares one of the two network interfaces on the board to offer this functionality. You can configure it completely seperately from the other traffic you will use on that same network interface though, so you can assign it to a VLAN and of course assign it its own IPv4 AND IPv6 address.

The KVMoverIP functionality can be reached as easy as typing the IP address of the KVMoverIP feature in your webbrowser (works fine in Internet Explorer and FireFox). You will be presented with the login screen.


Do note that the username is case sensitive and by default would be ADMIN (capitals!).

Once logged on, you will see a summary of your system:
As you can see when looking at the menus, the system is pretty well loaded with funtionality. I'll pick out a few highlights to show you.

One of the options is that you can have a look at the IPMI sensors on the board, realtime. This shows you the exact voltage ratings and board temperature:


Another feature offered is to control the power state of the server. This is completely separate from whatever you have running on your server. So in case your server completely freezed for whatever reason, you can still access this page and reset it remotely, how nice is that!

And the last feature I want to show you regards completely controlling the server remotely. Again, this is completely separated from whatever you have running on your server. I have pfSense running on mine and this allows me to connect to it remotely as if I would be sitting behind the machine. So it even allows me to completely install the server remotely and see it boot. It also allows interaction, CD\DVD mounting and even creating a video of whatever you're doing on the machine, all remotely. For this it uses a Java Applet, so it requires you to have the Java runtime installed on your machine.


This makes this board a perfect server for many server appliances.