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If you want to see if your Internet connection is IPv6 capable, there are a few sites that may help you out regarding discovering this:
  • will open up a simple website to display the address you are connecting with. Since operating systems will prefer IPv6 connectivity over IPv4 connectivity where possible, it will either show you your IPv4 address or IPv6 address and thus will reveal if you're connecting over IPv4 or IPv6. Mainly useful because of its easy to remember name.
  • will perform 10 tests on your connection to see if it's fully IPv6 capable. It provides a quite extensive checkup if you're ready for the next generation internet
  • will check if your connection is both IPv6 and IPv4 capable and display the addresses used to connect to the internet along with your internet service provider name and country it resides in. Also offers a speedtest of your connection over both IPv4 as well as IPv6 towards a few points in the world.
  • will only work if your IPv6 connection is working properly. It conducts some basic tests on your IPv6 connection to see if all is properly setup.


To test if a particular website is available through IPv6, you can use these sites:

  • has a webtool which allows you to check if a website allows IPv6 traffic. It also performs other checks like checking for IPv6 enabled DNS servers, mail servers, SPF being enabled and more.


To test if your outbound mail is IPv6 enabled, you can utilize these services:

  • Send an e-mail to It will automatically return your message if it was correctly delivered over IPV4.