Last modified at 11/2/2013 9:26 PM by Koen Zomers


If you want to install a new virtual server in VMware, it may come in handy to have the ISO to install from ready at your VMware server. To do this by using the SCP method, follow the steps below. The recommended way of doing this is using the Datastore Browser method.
  1. Physically behind your VMware server, press F2 to enter the configuration of your server
  2. Log in using your login name and password
  3. Go to Troubleshooting Options and press Enter


  4. Go to Enable Remote Tech Support (SSH) and press Enter


  5. You will now see the remote tech support being enabled


  6. Press Escape to return to the main menu and Escape again to log out and return to the startup screen
  7. Now download and install the WinSCP client from
  8. Once installed, run WinSCP and you will be prompted the login screen

  9. Enter the host name of your VMware server, your user name, password and select SCP as the File protocol. Click Login to connect.
  10. You will be presented a warning that the host key might be forged. Click on Yes to continue connection to the host.

  11. Once connected, using the left side of the WinSCP screen, browse to /vmfs/volumes/<name of the volume on which you want to place the ISO>
  12. Right click on the white space below the folders and click Newfollowed by a click on Directory


  13. Name the folder whatever you want and click OK to create it
  14. Upload your image to this folder by dragging the ISO to the right part of the WinSCP screen or by browsing to the image location in the left screen and uploading it.