Last modified at 3/3/2014 10:34 AM by Koen Zomers

‚ÄčIt is possible on a Windows Phone to show more than one Exchange calendar. This is really convinient when having i.e. a private and a public Exchange hosted mailbox. Unfortunately opening another calendar is not as easy as it is through the Outlook client or Outlook Web Access, but still it can be done by following the steps below. Notice though that you need access to the mailbox in which it is hosted and there is no way to avoid syncing the contacts and e-mails at the first time. You can switch this off so it will not happen again, but the first time this will always be done.

  1. Go to the Settings App on your Windows Phone device
  2. Tap e-mail+accounts
  3. Tap on add an account
  4. Tap on Outlook
  5. Fill out all the fields of the Exchange account you wish to add to your phone
  6. Wait for the initial sync to finish and go back into the Settings -> e-mail+accounts section of your phone
  7. Tap on the Exchange account of which you only want to sync the calendar
  8. Make sure the "Download new content" is set to "as items arrive". Uncheck the boxes in front of Email, Contacts and Tasks leaving only Calendar checked.
  9. Press the Done icon at the bottom
  10. Now go into the Calendar App
  11. Tap the elipsis at the bottom right and tap on Settings
  12. You can now use the sliders to define which calendars you wish to view and assign a color to each of these so you can easily distinguish them in the calendar viewer