Last modified at 11/2/2013 11:41 AM by Koen Zomers

It is possible to add channel logos in the Windows Media Center Electronic Program Guide (EPG) so it will look a bit more fancy. There are several 3rd party applications available on the internet which can facilitate in doing this. I used the application My Channel Logos XL, mainly because it do and nothing else will be modified in Windows Media Center and it's cheap to purchase: an obligatory 5 US dollar donation.
Follow these steps to add channel logos to your Windows Media Center:

  1. Download My Channel Logos XL application from this website. It requires you to make a 5 US Dollar donation first before you'll be e-mailed with the link where you can download the installation package.

  2. Install the application using the appropriate 32 bit of 64 bit MSI installer

  3. Once installed, start the application.

  4. On the logos tab, click the auto-populate logos button to try to match all the channels registered in Windows Media Center with the logos delivered with the application.

    In my situation on the Ziggo cable network in The Netherlands, there were only about 20 channel matches. I've been working hard on creating logos for the other 165 channels on my network. You can download these logos below:

    Ziggo The Netherlands channel logos (588 kb)

    Expand these logos to C:\ProgramData\MyChannelLogos\Logos\Color on your Windows Media Center machine and click auto-populate logos again. It should now match more channels.

    If you want to create logos for missing channels yourself, obay these rules for creating logos and once done, place them in the location mentioned above.

  5. Start Windows Media Center (restart it if it was already running when doing the channel logo matching) and you should now see the logos in the guide.